Thursday, 17 December 2009

Liberty No 6

This is Anapai the owner is an inconsiderate boater who thinks it is OK to run his engine at 7 in the morning. He runs a greasy spoon near the station in Oxford.DSCF2334 On Monday at quarter past seven I told him that the time to run engines was after eight, to which he replied we are just running it to  have a shower. I re-iterated 8 o’clock. Well now I may not be the sharpest tool in the box but nowhere does it say in your licence conditions that you can run your engine to have a shower before eight o’clock [first wrong].

This joker is just displaying very, very poor adherence to the bye-laws of the waterways and extremely bad manners to boot.

This morning after moving his boat back up the canal a few hundred yards (he is a continuous cruiser and had spent the last 5 days on a 48 hour mooring [second wrong]) he came and accused me of tampering with his car, which is illegally parked on the grass verge [third wrong]

DSCF2287 (his ‘girlfriend’ also parks there) at the wharf and between them are partly responsible for the mess I mentioned here earlier in the week.

I argued that I was a grown up and didn’t resort to such stupidity. He said “I know it was you” [there is no evidence to support this accusation I am not as stupid as he is, his fourth wrong]. Well he don’t know Jack Sh*t. If I had wanted to take any action against him for his inconsiderate behaviour I would have painted his boat green with one part twopac, the continuously sticky part. Prior to the 48 hour mooring he was just three boats up on a private mooring that wasn’t his to moor on [fifth wrong].

I don’t know about you but if I park my car in a way that it blocks a pedestrian foot path then I cannot complain if a pedestrian scratches the paint work, folds in the mirrors, snaps the ariel or what ever else might have been done (I have made all these up because he wasn’t at all explicit about what tampering he was complaining about. He just said if I did it again there would be trouble). Personally I take a dim view of foreigners coming here breaking our laws and threatening me in the security of my space that I pay for!!! [his sixth wrong].

So this man, an habitual law breaker and wrong doer, a Ned Kelly of the waterways, who breaks his licence agreement, overstays on 48 hour mooring, parks his car illegally, slanders innocent people  and threatens them on their own boat, is accusing ME of wrong doing.

It’s a blooming liberty!

Does any one know what a trade licence looks like because Anapai is for hire and I don’t think this is a trade licence, but then what do I know I am recovering from a very serious slandering!



A27 said...

Cut his ropes I say !!

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

That's not a business/trade licence.

I hope you reported every one of those transgressions to BW (by email so you have a record) and continue to do so every day they occurr.

Unfortunateley, mentioning them on your blog wont get them fixed, but BW are getting quite good a dealing with nuisance boaters like that - providing someone tells them.

A daily email listing each specific transgression will usually get action fairly quickly. Let us know what their response is.

baruk al fahim al burak mussali said...

pssst! i've recently acquired a box of limpet mines. don't ask any questions and i'll send one your way to do with as you please...


baruk al fahim al burak mussali said...

! you do know what 'shhhhh!' means, right? my cover is blown, i deny everything...

merry christmas.

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

The licence displayed by the inconsiderate non continuous cruiser boater is a standard private pleasure craft. It is currently registered as a South East Region continuous cruiser. The boat cannot be hired out for financial reward on a private licence.