Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bloody Vandals

In days gone by hedgerows were trimmed by gangs of country boys with mattocks shears and a host of other implements to do a good job of of cutting back excessive growth. The finished job was neat and tidy and the cuttings were burned on site or removed.

Enter the flail.The flail does the job of trimming by simply bashing the trees/bushes to smithereens. Leaving an ugly mess that is dangerous to wildlife and domesticated pets.

A flail consists of great chunks of steel spun round at a rapid rate of knots attached to an arm on a tractor.

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The  end result is this . . . . . progress is what its called most of us would probably know it as vandalism.

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A Heron's View said...

Unfortunately this sort vandalism occurs everywhere and if a yobos caused half as much destruction, the authorities would throw the book at them!
It is time for 'we the people' to make a stand!

Anonymous said...

Progress is what it’s called; most of us would probably know it as vandalism. I think wanton destruction and they should get arrested for it.


Anonymous said...

People used to 'pleach' hedges, rather than hack em to pieces. Much better for strength of hedges and good thick growth for bird nesting.
And much better for avoiding flat tyres on the towpath too!

Halfie said...

I had to change an inner tube on my cycle to work this morning. Puncture probably either from flailed thorns or road grit. I'm sure they use a special mixture of sharp flint here in Norfolk!

grey wolf said...

not pretty but you do realise the boss needs his bonuse care would cost the company so much more.[Now where is that tongue in cheek smiley]

Alf said...

Hear Hear to Heron !