Monday, 25 January 2010


There seem to be a habit developing with some dog owners that sees them tossing their dogs doings in the canal. Personally I find this practice abhorrent. Dogs do not sh*t in canals as a natural function. so why do people think it is OK for them to throw their faeces in the water? Of course no respectable boater would do this would they? Well I thought not but I have seen many doing it.

Whilst we as humans try not to be in the canal at any time, when we do have a mishap the last thing we want to do is swim around in dog poo soup.

Imagine how horrified I was when I noticed that those perpetrators upon finding the water iced over are still tossing their dogs waste onto the canal (see pic below).

There is a legal requirement for dog owners to remove dog waste from the area. That either means put it in a dog bin as provided by councils and other interested groups or take it home and dispose of it there. Let’s be serious one wouldn’t clean the garden of droppings by putting them in the ornamental fish pond so why chuck it in the canal?. DSCF2149

If the council take a dog owner to court there is a £1000 fine attached to it.


Julie said...

Do so agree with you. They also hid it in the snow so when it melted it was all over the pavement and towpath

Anonymous said...

In my time i used to go fishing sometimes for a weekend sometimes for a whole week, and at these times, i would take a small trowel with me to dig a hole, and bury what i and my dog did not want, never did i think of throwing it in to the water or decorating the trees with it. It is after all waste and will brake down in time but it should not just be left on top of the ground but buryed.