Friday, 29 January 2010

I want a job

It’s simple. I have no preference for what I do as long as it is fairly paid and fairly managed. I already work for the council for free but that don't pay the bills.

But no, every one wants to know what career path I am taking what goals I have. There is no space on the vast forms for saying ‘I just want to pay my bills’.

If you are going to pay me to work for you I will be loyal, diligent, honest and reliable. I will work what ever hours are needed to do what you want and will not take time off except in exceptional circumstances. I am not black , I am not disabled, I am not gay. I am 59 I have no goals other than reaching the end of the month with money in the bank. I don't see why, when you will drop me like a hot brick if it suits you, you need to waste my time and the worlds valuable resources getting me to fill in 30 page application forms, when the information you need prior to interview will fit on one page and you can find out the rest at the interview (that’s what interviews are for).

Why are companies so insistent on telling me that they are equal opportunities employers, like it was their personal idea and not the LAW. I am a WASP (white Anglo-Saxon protestant) but nowhere on job application forms does it allow you to say that. That is surely against my civil rights. I am being excluded because of my nationality, my culture and my religion. No company that interviews me will know any thing about me because all the personal questions they ask do not apply to me.

Lets cut the crap if you want me to sweep up you do not need to know my inside leg measurement, you do not need to know my grannies knicker size. What about a sensible application form that doesn’t ask for all the information that is already in my CV. All that is being achieved is that I waste my time writing a CV. When I could be doing something useful like knocking on doors.

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grey wolf said...

the one i hate is so why do you want this job? real answer as you say to pay the bills.