Thursday, 28 January 2010


One reason why people take no notice of the


signs is because the signs themselves are small and inconspicuous. If the signs were  3-4 feet across and included ‘£1000 PENALTY’ errant dog owners may feel obliged to comply.


If the signs were right then there wouldn't be 50+ of these in 30ft length of tow path all seemingly by the same hound.DSCF2289

The same would apply to speeding boats. The signs ask boaters to slow down in relatively small writing rather than telling them in big letters.DSCF2288 By the time a boater reads this sign he has already passed about 15 moored boats on official moorings. It is actually set lower than the roofline of a narrow boat.

No sign has any effect unless a. it can be easily seen b. it is properly positioned c. in the case of these two signs they include the penalty.

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