Wednesday, 20 January 2010

T-mobile share plummets

That is to say T-mobiles share of my respect plummets.

Despite their promises T-mobile have failed, failed, failed, failed, failed, again. Their "I will put it in the post now, first class" last Friday morning has failed to materialise. It would seem that T-mobile employ numpties.

I have probably twenty picture post relating is some way to the snow over the last few weeks that are now totaly irrelevant. I have now given up writing them.

Why is it that those who deserve to fail never do. Peter Mandleson should never be in government after being twice disgraced. Gordon Brown never recieved a vote to be PM and is seemingly a buffoon. Tony B-liar lied and cheated while in office and is now some world clsss politico. T-mobile cant fix a simple problem and get me properly on line.

What is the world coming to?

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