Monday, 8 February 2010


I have had Ebony number 1 on my blog roll for some time. Other than when I first added it I don’t think I have read it. As Blogs go it it a good’un. Chas and Sally certainly have some adventures.

I was amused that some grumpy old boater threatened to report Sally for closing a swing bridge after she had already held it open for two other boats and the road traffic was getting irksome.Sally at a swing bridge

Picture linked from Ebony's blog

We on boats, in general, lead a fairly privileged life. Yes it would have been nice if Sally had felt she could hold the bridge while the Grumpy Old Git came  through but we have to remember that the people on the road waiting to go over the bridge have a job to do and we are holding them up for our own pleasure.

I think Sally was right. I would love to know who the GOG thought he could complain to that would really give a sh!t about his whinging. I think he may have read the rules but clearly didn’t understand the spirit in which they were written.

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