Thursday, 11 February 2010

Finding out

I well remember Gary at Ledgard Bridge pointing to the floor of the vanity unity in the bathroom and saying, “Under the floor is the shower pump”. Well that’s nice to know I thought and since then I never troubled myself with it again, well it works!

I was a bit perturbed last year while having trouble with my pump-out to see that the shower pump was actually under the bed, some 6 feet away. I did wonder what was under the floor in the vanity unit but having had an adventure with pipes and stuff already I put off finding out till later.

I had a couple of jobs to do this week, once again connected with the pump-out, so I decided  while I had a screwdriver in my hand I would look. This is what I found.


Absolutely nothing! So what was Gary talking about? I have no idea! What else did he tell me that was b*ll*cks? Oh yes I remember . . . . . but that is for another day.


I did see something that alarmed me behind the shower though.DSCF2618 It may well be ‘safe’ but being ex RAF and an aircraft electrician to boot It looks wrong and not up to any standard that I know. In the AP-100B-01 (the bible of engineering rules in the RAF) Order no 4901 is very specific about how when and where connections of this type can be done. So specific that it takes up 4 A4 pages. If one of my lads had done a job like this he would have been sent off to PTT (that’s Precision Termination Tooling not Physical Training) for refresher training.

Yes OK this is a boat and not an aeroplane but nonetheless this is supposed to be a professional job not a DIY bodge. If it was necessary to have a quick disconnect (QDC), there are better ways of doing it. A pre-insulated diamond grip (PIDG) male and female spade could have been used. However in this case the top wires go to a plug on a water valve so a QDC is not required. A PIDG inline splice should have been used and lined heat shrink sleeving (it’s behind the shower unit so waterproof was preferable).

Using bare spades and taping them up is not professional and then leaving them just hanging with out support is a disaster waiting to happen (the live wires are the bottom ones). This is very cringe worthy.

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nb piston broke said...

if I was you I would splice them and you realy need the practice