Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Last year . . . .

. . . . our illegally moored neighbours made this ‘pathway’ to access their car which was for a while parked on a pedestrian pavement during their stay. They left it there as a ‘memorial’ to all inconsiderate boaters. This year they came back, legally paid for a winter mooring and moored up (by BW’s mistake) on a permanent mooring further down the canal. BW noticing the mistake asked them to move, I saw the BW chap put the letter on their boat, but they seem to have decided to stay anyway. Their choice I suppose. One advantage being that we don’t have to listen to their very noisy generator running until midnight, which was a bit of an imposition on us as the were only watching TV.DSCF2373 In keeping with last year they are leaving some rubbish laying around on the verge and near their boat this year too. Full marks for consistency! What is dumb is that 20 feet to the left is the wharf and the towpath which runs under this picture goes to the wharf!

I did take it upon my self to clear up all the litter that is strewn along the towpath and pavements near our mooring but I really don’t think I will be shifting this lot!!!

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grey wolf said...

deposite it back on their boat one dark evening