Thursday, 18 February 2010

Maffi is a terrorist.

I had a nice day out in Oxford. On the way home I thought I would stop in Kidlington for fish ’n’ chips. Then the fight started. Walking down the high street to the fish shop I noticed a larger than normal police presence. I passed one officer and asked “What is going on”, to which he replied, “nothing”. Two police vehicles and three officers is not nothing, well not in Kidlington.DSCF2735 Anyway I took a picture of two police officers. They walked towards me and the girl asked me to delete the picture. I said “No” and that they “were not allowed to ask me to do that”. “Oh yes we can”, said she. “Well no you can’t and you cannot confiscate my camera either”.( I only read the rules last week) You didn't ask my permission”, she said .

“In truth I don’t have to”.


“Who are you”, said constable 1933. “Well”, said I, “given that I have committed no offence you have no right to ask me”.

I set the camera to video and pressed the on button. I told him that I was recording the conversation.

“You are a stranger in Kidlington and you are . . . . .”

“I am not a stranger in Kidlington I have been here two years.”

“Then tell me who you are I’ve never seen you before.”

“I’ve never seen you before I’ve been here two years”

“Who are you . . . . What’s your reason for being in Kidlington.”

“I came here to go to the fish and chip shop and I saw you and thought hello something is going on. I’ve only just seen him (PCSO) . . . “

“I’m not happy with that.”


“I’m not happy with your explanation.”


“I am not happy with your explanation for being here.”

“Well that’s entirely up to you. I’ve just come, been visiting a friend I thought I’ll have fish ‘n’ chips tonight and I saw you and I thought hello what’s going on here.”

“Have you got a car here.”

“I have a car here it belongs to my friend.”

“What’s the registration number?”

“I have no idea its not mine.”

“"So you could really be anybody couldn’t you?”

“You could be anybody you might not be a police officer.”

“Do you want to see my warrant card.”

“I haven’t asked you for it there’s not point asking you for it the same as there’s no point asking me for id.”

“Let’s have a look at what you have in your pockets I’m going to search you under section 1 of the Police and Criminal Eviden acts.”(SIC)

“No! Why? “

“Because I want to see some identification.”

“I’m sorry no!”

“If you don’t consent to this . . . .”

“Are you going to arrest me?”

At this point the officer manhandled me and switched off  my camera, illegally. As he grabbed the camera and switched it off I pushed his hands away. He said, “That was assault”. I said, “you started it”.

I asked if he was threatening me.

“You have been taking photographs of police officers”, said he. “That is not illegal”, I reply.   He asked me to turn out my pockets. I asked why? “I am searching you under section 42 of the terrorism act.” I said, “Your having a laugh”. I asked, “I hope you have the paperwork for this”. He said he would do the paperwork after the search. “OK” says I “and empty my pockets”. He took my name from my bank cards and radioed the office.

I said to the WPC “You don’t have to take my word for it but check it out at the station, you cannot ask me to delete my SD card or touch my camera. Taking pictures of PCs on the street is not an offence.

When the search was over Mr Pc went off to get the paperwork on his return he said he did not have the necessary forms, so I said I would follow them back to the police station to collect it. Which I duly did

At the police station he was as nice as pie even shook hands as I left. Mr PC said that the WPC worked in sensitive places and was unhappy about my taking her picture. I told him if I use it I will blot out her face.

In précis I was stopped for no legal reason. The police officers lied to me, in saying they could make me delete pictures from my SD card.

The wanted to search me under Section 1 the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of and later Section 42 of the Terrorism Act. I had committed no offence.The form they gave me was incorrectly filled out. The out come code was put down as two, that is to say, ‘Advised’ in truth I advised them on points of law that police officers do not normally know.



Anonymous said...

When are you signing up members for Maffi's Mafia? I'm sure there are many who would like to take the same stand as you against beaurocratic oppression.

ps the anonymous seslection was the only one that would process.

Dave Winter said...

It just makes my blood boil to read this in our controlled society we live in.Run by planks and policed by numb nuts with as much sense as a slug in a beer trap.Pah!

john sloan said...

Well done

Dave Winter said...

Interesting reading material.

Catweasel said...

George Orwell tried to warn us in 1948, but we didn't listen.

Carl said...

What a pair. I imagine that they were desperate to use Section 44... and then you turned up!

I'm still waiting until it's my turn.

Anyway, good job.

Carl said...

...and I didn't realise that 'not recognised by officials' was grounds for a stop and search either.
Does Kidlington have a tourist trade?

Maffi said...

Not as much as Thrupp.

Mo said...

If we all club together for your expenses would you mind doing this again, shouldn't be too hard to find a couple of PCs in a place like Kidders, then we could all take photos and overwhelm the local constabulary with statements.
Might be fun turning out pockets too. I wonder if they'd take exception to a windlass tucked under the belt.
Just imagine a dozen Blogs the next day picturing all the local bobbies.

Next time remind them that we used to live without the CIVILian police, and if they get funny about how they serve us, their employers, then we'll sack the lot and do without them again.

(not Mo on Balmaha, just in case 'they' are reading your Blog)

monaxle said...

Good on you fella. They make it up as they go along and hope jo public knows no better.

Steve said...

Well done for standing up to the plod. I hope you have made an official complaint?
I had a run in with Dyfed Powis Police back last August. They are still trying to finalise their official report after I made an official complaint...muppetts.
Steve The Trainspotting Terrorist

John said...

Good luck in standing up for what used to be basic freedoms in this country before the police became part of 'them' against 'us'.

Starman said...

Good for you Maffi standing up against the unpleasant arrogance of too many plod. Glad you knew the rules; I shall make sure I remember them1

Anonymous said...

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