Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More on signage

The sign on the top of the post is simple. It fits! The signs on the side are too big so a lump of timber has to be placed down the side of the post. No this is not a one off. Recently BW have been putting these signs all down the towpath and the lump of wood. What was so difficult about getting the signs the right size. More to the point why here there are no overhead cables.DSCF2814


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I can answer this one.
The posts are not square and the signs fit exactly on the broad, front face. As the anglers walked down the towing path they didn't see the signs because they were facing the canal, not the way they were walking down the path. So BW removed the signs from the front and mounted them on the side, to do this they had to put an extra piece of wood on to come to the right width. The post in the middle of the "No Mooring zone still has the signs on the front. If you look at the posts, on some of them you can see the screw holes where the signs use to be.

Anne / Olly said...

We do miss all this.