Monday, 22 February 2010

Poor Paw Molly

Yesterday whilst walking Molly along he towpath past the Jolly Boatman she started limping. I took this thorn out of her paw. Molly seems to be OK now but as you may well imagine this 13mm thorn was very painful. It would certainly have bought tears to my eyes. It’s a good job it was attached to the stick otherwise it might have proved difficult to get out.DSCF2813

This is why British Waterways have to ensure that their contractors do the job properly.


MortimerBones said...

did you report to the same place one reports broken locks and things to?

Anne / Olly said...

The ice has at last gone from the river here near Gent and the tree buds are opening too. Saw 2 storks and a bittern today, amazing.
If you'd like the chance to see themm too and meet us bloggers, you (and mutts) are welcome anytime.