Tuesday, 9 February 2010


It really would be nice if site owners stopped jumping on the ‘security’ bandwagon and just let people do their own thing.

Once upon a time a password was your choice it could be letters numbers some odd characters OR a combination, it was up to you. Upper or lower case it was your choice. Nowadays it has nothing to do with you. Site owners decide on the format of your password. One site I recently signed on at waited until I pressed the send button before it told me that the password should contain 6 characters of which 1 must be a capital letter and one a number.

If I am the sort of person that would normally use all numbers then automatically 999,999,999 combinations are lost to me. I would hate to think how many 4-5-6-7-8-9 letter lower case combinations are lost, it must be many millions, if not billions. So by removing many millions/billions of options from your choices surely security is reduced. Anyone trying to hack into your ‘account’ knows that it cant be all letters or all numbers he also knows that there must be a number and one capital. Surely this makes his task easier not harder. And what does it really matter what you put in your password the site always converts it to the easily read **********.

When any organisation these days says those immortal words ‘for security reasons’ I just know they are talking bollocks!

Today I wanted to sign on to Canal Boat Magazine to be able to comment on an email about using one gate on double locks. I filled in all the details requested not only do they want 6 characters including one number for the password, but they want your user name to be 6 letters minimum. What is the point of that? My name is Maffi. I do not want to become Maffii or Maffie or Maffi1. I have signed on to many sites over the years and Maffi has always been OK. Its a ‘user name’ that's ME identifying ME, it’s MY choice not theirs. Do I now have to go to a solicitor and get my name changed? Who will pay the bill?

Why have CBM decided to do this?  What is the point? It is only a magazine fer crisake! Its not like they are looking after your money! They may or may not be the first but you can be sure that very soon everyone will be doing it. Most people wont care until they realise that this is actually one more freedom lost, but of course by then it will be too late, every time you want to sign on to a site they will issue you with a password, they will issue with a user name and probably issue you with an email address that suits their idea of tidy. Well I mean they cant have all those kinky Hotmail oiks cluttering up their pretty database.

So I have signed on at Waterways World instead. At least they let Maffi be Maffi even if they are not running anything about double gates.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

Lloyds on line banking already issue you with a user name/number/combination.
Harnser being held up at Clatacote

Alistair said...

what about Maffi [space] [space] [space]?

It panders to their ridiculous requirements, and still looks like 'Maffi'.