Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Towpath Tidy

March is nearly upon us and BW are again organising their annual Towpath Tidy. The first two week of March are given over to an intense regime of volunteer work to get on top of what is essentially tidying up after the local anti-social yobs both young and old. Apart from getting the towpath tidied it gets some BW staff out of the office for some much need fresh air. This has the added bonus of showing them what the canal actually looks like.

There are over 150 events organised all across the system from litter picking to painting to trolley removal. There will be hedge planting, vegetation cutting, bank repair and a whole host of other stuff to get involved in.

For details of what happening near you check out the Towpath Tidy page at Waterscape or alternatively you can go straight to the what’s to be done list. This includes all info about location and even the post code of the meeting places. How cool is that!

I do regular litter trips between here and the lift bridge. I might go down the canal towards Oxford for a change. I wish I could find out whose dog is responsible for all the doggie doo on the tow path, but what really p*sses me off is the McDonald’s packaging! There isn’t a McD’s for ten miles!!!!!!!

Please don’t forget to sign up or the nice peeps at BW will think we don’t care and that would never do.

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