Thursday, 25 February 2010

What is it about cyclists?

Every one of these pictures contains someone doing something wrong. It is not for me to say they are breaking the law, but they would be the first to claim a motorist was going too fast if they ever get splattered.

The girl in picture 8 on the left in the distance coming through the pedestrian lights is the same girl in picture 9 so if everyone else is a first offender she at least is a serial offender. The girl in picture 11 is doing exactly what the girl in picture 12 has done.

In conversation with a committed cyclist some weeks ago about the meaning of the red light, she said, “Well I tend to use it as a guide”. I wonder if that can be used as a defence?

I took these pictures at two locations about 300 yards apart the first picture taken at 12.08 The last taken at 12.29 I am not infringing anyone’s right with these pictures, nobody has the right to to ride through a red light, they[pictures] could be used in a court of law as evidence, but probably wont.

These pictures in this time scale highlight that, around noon at least, disregard for the law among cyclists in Oxford is rampant. A larger study would be proof positive.

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