Thursday, 25 February 2010

What is a terrorist?

I am pretty certain they do not look like this, well not in Kidlington anyway.


And probably not like this either,


and not like this!


What ever they look like I know for sure this guy isn’t a terrorist. 



Bill Rodgers said...

Your third photo is going to give me nightmares!

Dave Winter said...

Interesting read read in this link.

Maffi said...

Yeah I know how you feel , , , grey shoes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you not got bored with the terrorist talk? It is getting a little bit boring now, you was stopped and spoken to, woop!

Maffi said...

Its all very good hiding behind the Anoymous tag that is your right. What happened to me is happening across the country. If it continues all of the freedoms we have will be lost. If you want to bury your head in the sand go ahead, but don't you dare come here and take the piss you don't have the right.

Us sad saps will try to look after your interests while you get bored. Please dont say you dont want this or what you are saying is good people died fighting for what you will give away so freely. That makes you a cheap, sad, waster.

If you choose peace over freedom you WILL lose both.

Anonymous said...

The thing is not all terrorists/con men/other low life look like we think the above should look!!!
I for one am happy to be asked if it means just one of the above is then found and stopped.
(not sure how to do anything other than anonymous)

Maffi said...

Ah Julie its simple, click on the box that says 'coment as' then click on Name/URL up pops a box in which you can put your name and if you are a blogger your URL, the URL is not need. Or you can do as you just did. When a comment appears with no indication of who it is It can be very annoying.

Maffi said...

Julie You will notice at the top of the blog it says, "This is my blog. It is what I feel about what is happening about me, to me and sometimes because of me".

We should never, ever allow that which infringes on our freedom, even for a moment. Those that are charged with up holding the law are duty bound to obey the law. It is not illegal to take a photograph in the street. For this muppet to suggest that I was doing something wrong is an afront to the freedom that our forefathers died for.

I hope if you ever get stopped, taking a picture in a public place, that you do object. Otherwise those around you observing will think is it normal and they will submit as well. Before long it will end up being written into law and the 'slippery slope' will no longer be a literary invention but a reality.

If you value PEACE over FREEDOM you will lose them both.

Thank you for reading

Anonymous said...

Before making yourself out to be a champion of something or other, I suggest you do a little research on the millions across the world who have a hundredth of your freedoms now, not just the potential of a tiny right being removed. Campaign for their rights, and you might just earn the respect and hero status you so obviously crave.

Maffi said...

Oh I see while we look out for others rights ours go down the pan. I am well aware of the problems that others face around the world. Anonymous comments mean little.