Sunday, 28 March 2010

A34 Road Bridge

The A34 Road bridge spans the River Thames flood plain the Railway and the Oxford Canal. It is currently being replaced, I made a trip down the canal to Dukes Cut last night because there was going to be an incredible engineering feat take place. Many hundreds of tons of concrete and steel road deck were going to be slid sideways to mate up with another road deck.

DSCF3240Travelling along the canal this is the first indication you get that something is about to happen. You can see it from some considerable distance. this is not a small crane though I have seen bigger in Dubai. DSCF3257

This was the gap to be traversed, from left to right. There are steps in the scaffold tower to give some scale. The pipes you can see on the decks just under the railings will be side by side in the morning.


This 16 amp lighting cable hanging off the bridge will become more relevant later.

Here the civil engineers are jacking up the deck on one of the supports to a height of 12mm. There are 6 or 7 supports so this is not just a bit of road but some distance.


This shows a closer view of one of the vertical jacks and the horizontal jack. DSCF3249

The crane is at one end of the deck to be moved and from where I am standing there is a greater distance to the other end behind me.


At this point in the proceedings my batteries went flat and I popped off to get more and a cuppa . . . . . well I woke up at gone 3 in the morning. Ho hum!

However the job was done when I finally condescended to make the journey back to the site. Note the 16 amp lighting cable hanging downDSCF3266 The remaining structures will removed.




Captain Ahab said...

I went over there a couple of weeks ago and though "wow, what a huge temporary bridge!" I now realise it was the permanent deck which would be moved sideways.
Thanks for these photos, really impressive.

Anonymous said...

get your facts right,the thames is nowere near this bridge,its about a mile further south of here.
fantastic bit of enginering though,and bang on time.
and a british contractor doing the work.

cheers johnboy

Maffi said...

Ok so when the Thames is in flood the bridge crosses it. I see your schooling didn't include written English.