Sunday, 28 March 2010

Making a difference

You may remember at the beginning of the year my plea for everyone to make a difference. I cited FIX MY STREET as one avenue to follow. Well I have managed to get a few things sorted myself. The doggie doo bins seem to be emptied more regularly now, the odd drain and pothole have been sorted and the biggest event so far was trying it get this mud bath sorted. It is outside the co-op store at Langford Lane. The council called me and asked what I thought should be done and I said either make it into a proper lay-by or put up a barrier.


Last week the barrier arrived, well I suppose it was the cheapest most effective option.

 DSCF3229 DSCF3230

I think the puddles may have been left for the local flora and fauna,

DSCF3231So much nicer than before. Now to clear up the mess on the village boundary.


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