Saturday, 6 March 2010


This is nb Rosie. She is owned/hired by a couple we met last year. DSCF2657

You may remember we were reversing nb Bones up to Thrupp and after we passed through Sparrow Gap Bridge we were over taken (not a good thing to do) by one of Charlie’s hire  boats (College Cruisers). The lady on the boat called across that she had read “ the best way to reverse a boat was with the engine in high revs”. Well, she was in part right, but each boat is different and the ‘owner’ usually knows the best way to reverse his/her boat and in effect we told her so. We commented on the blogs at the time that it was not the done thing to overtake a boat in reverse or for hirers to tell owners such things, and had she read the next chapter she may well have known this.

Well it would seem that she needs to read more. As the occupant of ROSIE, given her experience as a live-aboard boater, she should know that you do not run your engine after 8 pm or before 8 am

I often come past Rosie after 10 pm and her engine is running. Tonight it was running at about 11.30 pm!

Now if you are in the middle of nowhere you can get away with it but where other boats are moored it is not on and, more importantly, where there are landies it is definitely a no-no.

We had this problem with nb AVALON last year who would run their very noisy generator till midnight just so they ‘could watch TV’. We don’t watch TV for a very specific reason, we chose not to.

It is not very pleasing to have to listen to other people running generators/engines ‘out of hours’. If people find their batteries are not up to watching TV all night they should get their system fixed, upgraded or find something else to do at night, not bother others with their noise.

In fairness I must confess that I dozed off while running my engine tonight and did not awake until 8.45 pm at which point I switched off the engine immediately.

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