Monday, 29 March 2010

Saudi rules

I was amused to see this piece of information on the net today. I have written about it before.

Apparently, Saudi Arabia has been more strict when it comes to incoming passengers and their baggage. Since July of this year, all electronic devices are required for check up. This includes laptops, flash drives, mp3 players. A “special” tool will scan content of these electronic devices and anything that violates Saudi rules will be confiscated. So it’s possible for someone who will bring in storage media with pornographic materials or laptops with pirated software to face deportation or jail terms.

This was found in the Pinoy news page at PINOY-OFW.COM

What amuses me is the “anything that violates Saudi rules will be confiscated” this includes pornographic material or pirated software.

Saudis have the most heinous porn freely available on their internet and mobile phones. The computer market used to be staffed by Pakistani immigrants who would have access to every program ever written. When the Saudis worked out that there was a lot of money to be made the Paks were moved out and Saudis were moved in. When I left in 2006 you could only sell pirated software if you were a Saudi.

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