Saturday, 13 March 2010

Scampi Fries

I was rather interested in Bones’ picture off the back of a packet of Scampi Fries. Not the fact that they don’t contain any Scampi, but that they are ‘suitable for vegetarians’.

With all animal/creature sourced food there is the responsibility that the eater, whether for pleasure, enjoyment or just to sustain their life is ultimately, though indirectly, the killer. We all (meat eaters) have that responsibility.

Why should veggies be allowed to have the taste without shouldering the responsibility. Surely being a vegetarian means only eating non-animal products so why would they want their food to taste like it could have been meat. This must defeat the object of the exercise.



Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Don’t get me started, Veggie bacon, veggie sausages, Veggie Lasagne etc

grey wolf said...

just think of the millions of bugs and insects killed each year by farmers to grow the veg for vegetarians to eat. Mass murder that's what they are

Andrew Denny said...

Good point, Maffi. It gets my (carniverous) goat when I read a sign saying 'suitable for vegetarians'.

I'm a carnivore, and everything I eat is 'suitable for vegetarians'. Its NOT suitable for a VEGETARIAN DIET, but that's a separate matter.

8ch said...

Ah, but can't you see...foodstuffs like this are there to give you corpse crunchers ( ;-) ) the opportunity to feel righteous and whole!

Maffi said...

Who are you calling a righteous hole.

chinecats said...

The argument works both ways. Meat is a flavour, nothing more. If it didn't have a flavour, animals wouldn't be bred to supply it. If the flavour can be reproduced without the suffering, isn't this morally right?
PS I'm not a veggie, nor do I live on a boat. I sit in my rented house & dream about it!

NeilR said...

FYI it works both ways... for example, a lot of cheese flavoured products like crisps are NOT suitable for veggies as they contain powder derived from animal guts. Tasty eh! Think about that next time you're nibbling on your Quavers.

Maffi said...

All food is suitable for veggies and vegans.

If you chose not to eat meat it doesn't become less suitable.

What's a Quaver?

Anonymous said...

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