Sunday, 4 April 2010

Oh dear it’s not difficult

I have to wonder why this bin is not emptied as much as others in the area. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. There is a car park nearby which would explain why it fills so quickly and I contact the council when it is full to get it emptied so I suppose in reality they should have worked out that it fills quicker than others. If they only emptied it as often as the other bins around the canal it would be something, but no it is always left until it is overflowing and as the weather improves it will get worse.


GeeWhizz said...

Looking on the bright side, at least some of the local dog owners are being responsible and using the bin. Having had the 'pleasure' of clearing up after other peoples dogs I'd rather see the bin full than the contents on the towpath.

Maffi said...

Good point. i just wonder why the bins 400 yards either side are never allowed to fill to overflowing while this one is. It simply doesnt make sense.