Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spoil Sports

Its one of life’s little pleasures, your parking ticket still has an hour to run but you need to go. As you leave the car park you pass the ticket to an incoming motorist. He now has a free hour of parking.

It was not morally wrong to do this, not really, it didn’t matter that you were going an giving the ticket to someone who hadn’t bought a ticket. The time was paid for irrespective of who was parked there.

Now some petty official in a council office has taken that little pleasure away. Before you can park here you have to enter your car registration number, which is printed on the ticket. This prevents you passing it on


They didn’t even have the decency to use a QWERTY keyboard to make it easy. No, just a bank of buttons in the middle 1-0 and A-Z in newspaper style columns, very confusing if you are me. And all this because the council are too lazy to put a pay on exit system so you only pay for what time you are in the car park and not have to guess how long you may be there.  The council make more money out of this system than the P-O-E system. Highway Robbers is one way to describe them.

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