Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Bridge

This is the first public viewing of one of the two control panels that will be used to operate the Thrupp lift bridge from the 5 of July this year. In a word it’s ‘kinhuge! How has this got a low visual impact on the environment? Having seen inside the box this morning I can tell you it is half empty and so doesn’t have to be half that size. Well done BW!DSCF4711

The control panel couldn’t be simpler from an operating point of view but is an engineering clusterfuck. I find it difficult to understand why arrows were placed on the instruction plate and not simply the operating buttons. It is easy to see what to do, there are only two operating buttons, bridge up & bridge down and one panic button, so why is there a screen with instructions. The screen is because BW think we boaters are thick. What I see here is British Waterways trying to make something simple look flash and important. It would have made more sense if they installed a bubble gum machine.DSCF4709

This project will have cost £20,000 maybe as much as £30,000 quite a large lump out of anyone’s meagre budget let alone a cash strapped government department. The last time this bridge had a technical operating upgrade it cost 1 shilling and sixpence, that’s 71/2p, when they changed the pull rope to a pull chain.

This was not a necessary project the cost of this could have been reduced in one of  two different ways, 1. they could have used the same system that was used in Banbury. A manual hydraulic pump which could have been installed in a week at the cost of a couple grand. or 2. the cheapest options 50p for a bullet to shoot the idiot that broke his legs jumping off the raised deck that started all this in the first place.


BigJohn said...

When it's all finished (ignoring all the breakdowns that may happen later, because the hydraulic system fails, or there's a power cut) will you send BW a "professional" review of the design and implementation?
You seem to have all the facts and, if I'm not mistaken, you have the knowledge to put together an emotionless report as a complaint about the way taxpayers' and licencepayers' money has been wasted. If necessary it should go to the Ombudsman.
P.S. what happens if there is a power failure? Is there a manual override?

Maffi said...

John the manual overide is simply taking out the bolt on the end of the ram providing it is down if it is up I dont think this will work.