Tuesday, 8 June 2010

iPhone 4

The new Apple iPhone 4 says in it’s advertising.

This changes everything. Again!



Stephen Fry said...

What's the problem here? Having been a big fan (probably their biggest fan) of Apple for many years - since the iPod came out, in fact, I think that they should be allowed to change everything whenever and however and wherever and whoever they like. It's PC hugging, Apple haters like you that just ruin it all for us. When Apple reinvents the barge that you live on then you'll understand exactly what it feels like to be changed. Again. Humfff!

Maffi said...

Having been a Stephen Fry fan for many years I am to say the least very disapointed.

You have made one wrong asumption and one very incorrect statement.

If I could I would have an Apple Mac tomorrow I love Apple Macs but just cant afford one. I would also love an iPod.

I live on a Narrowboat. The difference between a barge and a Narrowboat being 25 tons of coal and VAT. If I hadn't paid over £12,000 VAT on my home, something which you landies don't have to do, I could afford an Apple Mac and an iPod. Ah bliss!

Nice of you to stop by Stephen do come again please.

Anonymous said...

Buy cheap buy twice, clumsy...

Maffi said...

Buy expensive buy a new one every year to keep up with what the company tells you you want. Stupid!!!