Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lift bridge

If you ever wondered how a single hander manages to get past a lift bridge here’s how it’s done.DSCF3896 On a similar note yesterday I watched two youngsters operate the lift bridge at Thrupp, A girl of about 12 and a lad of maybe 9 used all their energy pulling up the bridge while their dad took the boat through. Once dad was through they didn’t just walk away as many adults do, but expended considerable energy gently lowering it down again. I thanked them for taking care of the bridge to which the girl said, “well if we let it go it might do some damage and we have to look after these bridges”. Out of the mouths of babes and children!


Martin said...

I've seen photos of this before, but never seen it done. How on earth do you get the bridge up before you push the pole under it???

Maffi said...

There are two types of lift bridge those that are left down and those that are left up. This used to be a left up one, you can tell by the 4x2 protruding from the front of the bridge. This placed the chain closer to who ever was standing to close the bridge. Now it is left down this 4x2 helps one to lift the bridge and prop it open with a 9 ft boat pole.