Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No more

I am going to stop talking about speeding boaters. I am going to stop asking speeding boaters to slow down. I will stop asking private boaters if the need mechanic to fix the throttle that seems to be stuck in ‘bloody fast’, and I am going to stop asking hire boaters if they missed the bit where they said, “ slow down past moored boats”. The truth of the matter is you have to be here to see what is happening. No amount of writing is going to paint the right picture.

From now on I am going to store up my ‘distemper’ for the day when the Oxford Canal is all but impassable then I will say, to the likes of Granny Buttons when they come this way and complain about the state of the banks,” I told you so”, and you can bet I will say it more than once.DSCF4536

This mooring pin, not far from here, is actually in the towpath because the bank is crumbing away.


BigJohn said...

Don't stop, Maffi. Tell the truth! Don't let the marina moorers get to you (I know you won't!).
Not only is your blog informative, it is entertaining, which is why so many people read it.
Keep up the good work.

dear little doormouse said...

This makes me a bit sad. It seems like Andrew's point was that there is never an appropriate time or an appropriate way to let someone know that what they're doing is inappropriate or harmful. I know it's terribly old-fashioned, and possibly entirely fictional, but some time early last century wasn't it considered everyone's duty to uphold the law? Not all customs involving the common good are enshrined in law, but that doesn't change the fact that members of a community are responsible to and for that community. We've lost that somehow, and delegated everything to specialists, and leave it to someone whose job it is to stop people doing harmful things, and refuse to answer to any but a paid and uniformed authority (and often not that). We mistake license for freedom.

What are people supposed to do? Smile and take it? Be saints and uncomplainingly clear up after the people who don't care? Be resigned and let things go to hell because it's not our job to say anything or to fix it? Accept antisocial behaviour as a force of nature no more avoidable than a hurricane, the people who behave this way no more accountable than a flood?

I'm not a boater, have no experience of these particular issues other than as a towpath walker, so I can't comment really, other than on the general trend in society.

Maffi said...

In this case yes because people think you are a GOG if you offer advice or comment on someone doing something wrong.

Anonymous said...


Maffi said...

Grumpy Old Git

peter said...

This is my blog. It is what I feel about what is happening about me, to me and sometimes because of me.
This BLOG has no more importance than the writing on the toilet wall.
remember this maffi? your rules.