Wednesday, 16 June 2010

St Edwards Lift Bridge

This is St Edwards Lift Bridge, 238, it is normally chained and locked in the up position.


This is the first time I have ever seen it down. St Edwards School have a key so they can take pupils across the canal to teach them to shoot guns in a field. This whole scenario begs several questions.

1. Why are children being taken to an open field and taught to shoot guns? I was always under the impression that owning a hand gun was illegal in this country so what is the point of teaching potential Taxi drivers to shoot!

2. If this bridge is to be used to cross the canal then shouldn’t BW ensure that the bridge moorings are kept free? I was on a 36 ft Day boat and couldn’t moor up properly to operate the bridge.

3. Given that this is a locked up bridge shouldn’t the school provide someone to operate the bridge when they deem it appropriate to leave it down?

4. If I use my boat pole to hold the bridge open, and the bridge stays open when I remove it, should I pull it down or leave it up (it is very easy to reach)?

One final question:-

5. When you are in the country you should leave farm gates etc how you found them, should this rule apply to this bridge?


Sue said...

Yes. Lift bridges should be left as found.. If I use one on the Oxford Canal that is a footpath, and pull it down via the chain.. I expect it to be still down if I decide to return!

However, If I am on a circular walk, then I will leave it in the position I found it!

What do you mean 'shooting'? It could be air pistols, my daughter used to shoot as a child.. the Pony Club actually.. triathlon, shooting, swimming, running and riding.. maybe that is what is on?


Maffi said...

Shooting as in BANG! BANG!

Sue said...

DOH!.. But of course!