Monday, 14 June 2010

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

At Heyford on Friday I was chatting to Chris Wren on his boat. SUMMER RUN passed, me thinking it was a bit fast, but I didn’t say anything. Half a boats length past us we heard his engine speed increase as he sped up, still passing moored boats. So I now I THINK he is an arrogant git. I left Chris and walked along the towpath back to the boatyard, even with my gait it took me sometime to even come level with him. So passing him at his excess speed I thought I would mention it, after all maybe he didn’t know he should slow down past moored boats. The conversation went like this:

Me: Excuse me Sir but you are going a bit too fast for passing moored boats.

Him: I don’t think I am my friend.

Me: I am not your friend and you are going way to fast.

By this time he was speeding through the basin.  Only God knows what happened to his water skier.

He moored up in Thrupp on Saturday. I passed his boat at 07:30 Sunday morning his engine was running. I still think I have reasonable cause to THINK he is an arrogant git.DSCF4409 Today he came past the wharf, our wharf, like a bullet!

Me: Excuse me Sir you are travelling way too fast.

Him: People pass us at speed all the time, my friend.

Me: That doesn’t make it right. Please slow down and I told you last week you are not my friend.

He turned his nose in the air waved his hand like he was batting away a fly and continued. Now I KNOW he is an arrogant git and an arse to boot.

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