Sunday, 13 June 2010

Vicky’s post

Vicky and her family hired out nb UPTON from Oxfordshire Narrowboats a month or so back. We met back in April when I was taking my boat to Heyford for a week or two. I did get to ask her about the holiday which they thoroughly enjoyed. They are still enjoying the holiday as can be seen by this picture below. They live not far from Bradford on Avon which is where our K&A base is located. She sent me an email last Thursday.She says

Hi Maffi I hope you are keeping well. I am still really enjoying reading your blog (even my husband is an avid reader now)! :) I love the pic of the owl.

We visit Bradford on Avon often as it is only just over half an hours drive away and it is brilliant fun sitting on the bench at the lock by the wharf.

BOA10 She also took some pictures of our new arrivals being craned in at the Bradford wharf which I shall post later.

PS it was July, Vicky

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