Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Reader ahoy!

It is always nice to meet people who have been following my writing on the blog. Last week at Heyford as I sat down on the veranda (cratch) to my first food in nearly three days (remember I hurt my abdomen) an American lady passed the boat, then she came back and said, “Excuse me? Sorry to bother you while you are eating your lunch, but I’d just like to say I enjoy reading your blog.”

I thanked her as I normally do and explained my situation. I just wish I was feeling better so I could have had a proper conversation with her. I did however indicate that if she read me she would also know of Bones and that she was moored a short way up the canal.

Maybe she might turn up at Hythe Bridge then we can have a chat and a cuppa.


Judy said...

Hm. Comment got eaten, will try again! (apologies if three of these appear...)

I did wander down, but I think Bones was busy/indisposed, so I didn't get to meet her, and then on my way back I didn't want to bother you again as it looked like you were talking to someone. And then I sort of unexpectedly moved back to the US, as you do, and I've only just now scrolled back through the months I've missed!

It was very nice meeting you, and hopefully I'll be back again at some point and will call in (bearing chocolate brownies, if possible) and invite myself for a cup of tea. I hope you're feeling better, and thawed out enough to get to the water point, and enjoying college in spite of the horseshit =).

Maffi said...

If you are bringing chocolate brownies you must come straight away. ;) I'll put the kettle on.

My email is on my profile.

Maffi said...

PS how are things in Virginia