Friday, 8 October 2010

Woe is me

     I finally got around to to cleaning out my bilges on Thursday. I pumped out about 6 buckets of water from my engine bilge (this fills up if the float switch in the stern tube bilge doesn’t operate, which of course it wouldn’t have to if I were to turn my stern tube greaser down from time to time) anyway all the water pumped out, nice and dry, stern tube greaser operated so of to the mooring.

     At the mooring I cleaned out the bilge with a rag ( stern tube grease gets everywhere) and notice that the plate holding the stern tube end is not square with the centreline of the boat if the whole boat is off then this is not a problem but if it is only the stern tube then it will wear quicker than the rest of the drive.

     It was time to tighten up the nuts which really needed attention. I took off the top step again and leaned down over the step riser and reached down about 4 feet to the stern tube with the spanner. Most of my weight was across my stomach. It wasn’t until later in the night that I realised that I really should remove the riser because it puts an awful lot of pressure on one’s tummy so much so that I have been in agony for the last two days. I was seriously thinking I needed an ambulance. Last night at about 3 in the morning the expulsion of great wind past the bruised section of my abdomen eased the pain considerably.

     Of course years ago head down a hole with a spanner in my hand wouldn’t have bothered me, but I am nearly 60 I need to remember that. I am not twenty anymore!

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