Saturday, 6 November 2010

BW farce

There is a sign that says the pontoon is for the sole use of using the lock and there will be a charge for overstaying. To my certain knowledge this boat stayed here for a bout 4 hours. He never used the lock, nor did he intend to. That is obvious because he hasn’t got a BW licence.

So where was the BW man to enforce this overstay and charge the guy 25 quid for doing so? Simple he only comes about once every two weeks and then only during the week. So what is the point of having a regulation of this nature if you cant police it? I don’t think BW thought this one out either but then, that’s par for the course!

DSCF8699 Here is another from three weeks ago he stayed to get water. This is not a water point.DSCF8547

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