Wednesday, 24 November 2010

EA catch BW Lunacy!

There was a crisis meeting last week at Isis Lock about the poor installation of the new mooring pontoon and the booms that are being placed across the Mill stream. Whilst there an EA man stated that all boats using EA water to turn their boats will need a day ticket.

It is somewhat annoying that the winding hole above Isis Lock is only suitable for boats up to 50 foot. Larger boats have to drop down through the lock, which has become a dangerous exercise, to have to pay for the privilege is pure madness. The EA are saying that if you want to wind on Sheepwash Channel it will cost you £15 the price of a day ticket!

So if any one wants a job standing around all day at Isis Lock taking money from from poor boaters, who are not warned at Dukes that they need to reverse down the next three mile to avoid this charge, then contact the EA.

There is no point making a statement like this if you are not prepared to police it. If the EA insist on pushing the issue I can see a lot of boat movements after dark. They could of course chain up the lock and only open it at certain times but that would result in many boats down below the lock in dangerous waters waiting for access and a lot of angle grinder activity.

And another thing! If you have just come down the lock you could argue that having just emptied a lock full of water into the Stream you are technically still on BW water!


Anonymous said...

So..... If that is the case should not BW now provide a *safe* winding hole for 'full-sized' boats on their water?

What if the entrance to Jericho Boatyard was opened up... BW must own the water in there :D

Maffi said...

The old boat yard would not be suitable it is simply a slip IIRC and I dont think the angle would allow for the turning of boats. However I suppose all BW has to do is put up a notice at Dukes Cut saying boats over 50 foot will not be able to turn without paying a fee. Problem solved! Ho hum!