Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Oxford City screw up

St Edmunds the oldest academic society for the education of undergraduates in any university in the UK.

Like the University of Oxford itself, the exact date of establishment of St Edmund Hall is unknown; it has been estimated at 1278.

Oxford is a University City. It’s quaint, mostly old and if the rumours are true not to be trifled with.

So why oh why did they let this happen. This is a litter bin it is not the most Grande of designs but its unobtrusive as litter bins should be it blends in. These or similar can be seen all over the country.DSCF8880 Then the council who seem to have no care for the city decided to take them out and replace them with these stainless steel abominations.DSCF8882 The aperture to put the rubbish in isn’t even at the front. They are ghastly. Where were the real ‘powers that be’ in Oxford when this happened? Surely someone in academia could have vetoed this. DSCF8883 This is totally out of keeping with the feel of this ancient city.

Even the traffic light control box, to the left, has a stippled surface in an attempt to blend it in. These are the sort of things you put in Milton Keynes not an ancient city like Oxford. Boo Boo Boo Oxford City Council.


Area D said...

The stippled surface on the traffic light control box is an anti graffiti/billstcking surface. Those shiny bins will make a perfect surface for fly posting and magic marker messages!

Halfie said...

Yes, but why have they put the bin liners OUTSIDE the bins?

Maffi said...

They are not open for business yet John