Friday, 26 November 2010

Sunset or dark

It’s dark and a hire boat has just passed. I point out to the crew on ‘Pembroke’ that they should be moored up at this time and not travelling in the dark. “We are looking for a place to moor up”.

I can’t help wondering why it isn’t against the law to hire boats to blind morons. They had just gone past a mooring three boats behind me and another four boats behind that. It must have been dark before they came through Roundham Lock they could have moored below that there is space and probably another twenty spaces between there and Langford Locks Bridge.

What they actually meant to say was “We are looking for a place to moor up outside a pub”. The rules are very clear hire boats are not allowed to travel in the dark it invalidates their insurance. 

Obviously College Cruisers handover procedure is sadly lacking. I am not surprised.

There is a published sunset time, today was 16.01 at this location I think this should be used as a basis for hire companies to insist on a time when a boat must have pins in the bank.

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