Saturday, 18 December 2010

Darker Days

Summers gone, autumn's here, winter's soon to come
Leaves are falling on the ground in the absence of the sun
The frosty mornings sharper, still spreading o'er the ground
For brighter days we search in vain, never to be found

The snow is falling gently now settling thinly on the ground
The robin sings, the eagle flies and cold is all around
The fire burns within the hearth, the sparks fly far and wide
Onto the floor they tumble and they glow until they die

And darker days are here to stay
For we are only here to be
The summer gone now far away
Come here and rest with me

Within our cosy cabin we are sheltered from the cold
We can live our lives here peacefully while we are growing old
Do you feel my hand rest so gently on your thigh
Come with me and I will show you how to fly.

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