Saturday, 11 December 2010

Hello Hello Hello

What’s all this here then? British Waterways are carrying out improvements to the toilet block at Thrupp. This is a surprise considering we have already had £40,000 spent here this year.DSCF9123This is the workers hut a far cry from the huts of yesteryear. There is no brazier to roast their toes on. But it has a toaster, a new one!. There was a sad lack of workers there today. I don’t think they work on Fridays.DSCF9123This is the imported toilet to act as standby while the work is carried out. I think it might have been cheaper to come to a deal with Tim at the Tea Rooms rather than fork out what ever this costs.DSCF9130They have repaired the ceiling and painted the doors and are re-instating the drain which as far as I can work out was lost 11 years ago when the wharf edge was renewed. Since then any spillage of black water has had to be washed away over the wharf. DSCF9132This is where the drain exits the wharf. The area to the right is ice (clue for later).DSCF9129This is the elsan. Note the hole where one sticks all the s**t has gone.DSCF9126It has been temporarily replaced with this makeshift elsan.DSCF9125Close up.

Well you might think how cool is that! I don’t. This all came about not because it was a good thing to do but because the contractor wouldn’t come and clean it. The reason given was that because a couple of tiles were off the wall it wasn’t a safe working environment. F****in pussy!

There is an issue of stupidity here on the side of BW. Anyone who cares would, in this weather have thought about the boaters who have been iced in for the last two weeks. The boaters who, as soon as the ice thaws would want to empty their black water tanks before the ice comes back.That temporary elsan is too far away for from the waters edge. Maybe BW will send a pump out truck to empty us but I don’t think so.

Back to the hut. There was no one working today. So the hut is hired by the week to be used only for 4 days when there is a very suitable cafe 50 yards away. I get a 4 day working week because I am a student and no one pays me. BW will be cryin’ in their beer about the government cuts. I think that their people should at least put in a full 5 day week. I cannot see how BW are getting value for money, when those who are supposed to do it right f**k it up and still get a bonus that would keep me sweet for several years.

I suppose I can simply pump my tank straight in to the canal. It will sink to the bottom and not cause any problems. Well it wouldn’t cause any problems if BW dredged the canal to its designed depth but given that many boats scrape the bottom here I guess they would simply be stirring up my s**t and spreading it out.

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