Sunday, 5 December 2010

Night out

Night out at the Jolly Boatman. About 18 turned out braving the harsh weather conditions.

DSCF9076L>R  The Coven Bones, Jackie, Annie and Joy. DSCF9078L>R The three stooges Tim, Paul, Chris with the back of Bones’ head and 8ch in the foreground. DSCF9082L>R Mags, Mike and Steve, the Abingdon contingent. DSCF9084Some ate some didn't but the food was top notch. DSCF9086Dave trying to work out why there was no music coming from his piano. DSCF9088 Last of the revellers Jim & Kim (that was a surprise visit).Bones Chris Joy and Dave DSCF9089 Look at the size of them snow flakes

We all had a great time. Plenty was consumed both liquids and solids. All in all about 18 turned up including some surprises apologies were sent from about another six. One or two were absent on parade.


Mike Moorse (Guelrose) said...

I didn't know that you were acquainted with the Abingdon contingent!!!!! I have known them for years!!! I blame Mike for all the roundabouts in the country!!

Maffi said...

Well of course someone has to build roundabouts.

Sue (1946) said...

Glad you all had a good party.
Great pics, too!
Sue (1946)