Friday, 8 April 2011

Born stupid

It is strange how people who are doing something very wrong and dangerous get all indignant when you tell them to ‘fuck off’.
Today a private boater moored up with his bow on a mooring ring and his centre line tied right across the towpath to a telegraph pole, no stern rope. I don’t care why, I don’t care who told him he could, you simply do not cross the towpath with a mooring rope. If you don’t have the proper means to moor your boat then it is not a safe boat.
Any problem you have with your dog/mother/car/tide/or any other excuse is not valid. “It’s 22 tons,” is not a valid reason. If you are stupid enough to think it is then get off the water. Your boat, your problem, make it safe.
I wouldn’t have been so pissed of with the chap if it wasn’t for the fact that he passed mooring rings 50 yards back.
Some people are just born stupid. When I want lessons in my command of the English language then I will certainly not ask a half wit.

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