Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bugger off!

I am currently moored on an official BW 14 day mooring at Shipton. It is very close to a bridgehole, but does not in any way obstruct it. I wish the locals would stop telling me I can't moor here. What they should be doing is telling BW who, in turn, can tell them that it is an official BW mooring and that they can bugger off and mind their own Ef'in business.
Another local, the pseudo head of the local mafia, commented on my mooring in a winding hole on Friday. He said "You wouldn't like it if someone else did it." I couldn't help myself and said "Well of course not." However I was not moored in a winding hole, the winding hole is further along (according to Nicholsons) which only goes to prove that the locals don't know jack shit about the area!

I find the whole concept of this place a cross between Acorn Antiques and Ever Decreasing Circles


Big Col said...

Hello Matey

Twernt never one of your vertues ingratiating the locals
Big Col

Maffi said...

No? Do you think I am missing something? Will be leaving here end of season.