Monday, 4 April 2011

Fish relocated from CAEN HILL again!

British Waterways is relocating over half a tonne of fish from the side ponds pounds of the Caen Hill Flight of Locks on the Kennet & Avon Canal. The purpose is to improve conditions for aquatic wildlife including dragonflies.

Excuse me Sherlock, but are fish not aquatic wildlife? More so than Dragonflies!

The relocation follows a successful trial project in 2009, which saw a tonne of fish removed from the ponds pounds.

Amazing the trial project was larger than the end project.

Large fish stir up silt causing the growth of algae due to the subsequent release of nutrients in the water. (otherwise known as Dragonfly shit. Maffi)

So the fish are not going to do that in their new home? Its not really like a carp is acting as a food mixer is it?

Over recent years, the water in the side ponds pounds has become less suitable for invertebrates such as dragonflies and damselflies, as well as scarce aquatic plants that rely on clear-water environments.

Prior to the restoration there was little or no water in the side pounds ergo no dragonflies etc. But even if there was water in the side pounds the canal was NOT designed to be a clear water environment So these creatures are not indigenous to the area, yet other species are being removed to make them welcome. This is a metaphor for the multicultural society we now live in. The needs of the outsiders take precedence over the ‘local’ populations. And in more ways than one. Caen Hill is very popular and in effect is a security system all by its self. Where these carp are going to is not such a secure place and makes them liable to poaching by our East European visitors who only see the fish as lunch, therefore giving no credence to our culture or laws whatsoever. Such is the problem that signs are going up to ask members of the public to report ‘Crime in progress’ to the local police if they see fish being taken out of the water. BW is effectively condemning these fish to death. It’s carp-nic cleansing on the cheap by a stealth contractor whose payment is the fish they murder cleanse from the canal/lake/river. All BW has to do to keep their hands clean is relocate the fish to a quieter area.

By removing the large fish a more natural balance will be created in the ponds pounds.

The fish are the natural balance. Do BW not understand the ‘food chain’. With the interference of man there is no natural balance it is simply engineered to fit a set of ideas and rules. Not natural at all.

The 2009 trial was successful with aquatic plants, such as the rare potamogetons and hornworts returning to the ponds pounds, together with an increase in dragon and damselfly populations and other invertebrates such as the water scorpion.

Did they ‘return’ or have they simply expanded into the side pounds from proper clear water environments in the area? How did they get there? More engineering from BW?

Some of the fish are being relocated to other parts of the K&A(otherwise known as Death Row in the Carp community) and a proportion will go to Toddbrook Reservoir in the Peak District that well known eatery in the north. McCarpburger anyone?

What really gets me is, I have been thinking up ways of wasting money all my life, I am something of a deity in the field and I don’t charge anywhere near as much a British Waste-R-US.


Scabby said...

Hahahahahahahaha LMFAO - very funny!

Allan (Narrowboatworld) said...

Have to agree!

I just love the fact that BW fund the Waterways Trust who then fund BW.

Anonymous said...

They'll be removing us boaters next - too high maintenance they're incapable of delivering... Even tho we pay them to...

Neil Corbett said...

Hold on just a second though. They could make a few bob here if the carp are of any size. Carp over ten pounds sell for three figure sums to angling fisheries. It makes me wonder if this might be self financing or even make a profit. If it isn't, then they are missing a trick.

Neil Nb Herbie