Friday, 15 April 2011

Oh B*ll*x

Oh Purleeeze

Mumbai: Bollywood actor star Ajay Devgn had a narrow escape when he lost the control of a watercraft, resulting in crashing and damaging the same.
Apparently, the accident took place in Birmingham, UK, where jet ski bumped into one of the canal walls of the River Thames.

Talking to a daily, a unit source said, “In the scene, Anil Kapoor plays a cop chasing Zayed Khan on the river. Ajay comes along on a jet ski and ZK jumps into AD`s jet ski and the two speed away. Ajay loves action, got caught up in the moment and sped too much. So when his watercraft took a sharp right turn, it smashed against the canal wall and both Zayed and Ajay crashed into the water! The two know to swim but the water was freezing cold. Producer Ratan Jain and director Priyadarshan were anxious that the two would catch a cold."

Pidgen English is great but this is shite

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Isnt shite what is in the water?