Thursday, 14 April 2011

Oh really!

And so it begins

March 30 2011 Defra announces the start of a three-month public consultation on the future of the waterways. Exciting times as British Waterways’ chairman Tony Hales says: “"I believe the proposals will build upon the recent waterway renaissance to ensure they never again revert to the dereliction and decline that saw part of the network abandoned and filled in during the 20th century.”

So says he when the K&A is close to impassable due to poor maintenance of locks. And the new HS2 railway crosses the T&M in two places at 1 m and 1.5 m above the water. And the Grantham Canal ha been effectively blocked by a bridge despite regulations that do not allow canal routes to be blocked for any reason. Information about the T&M had to be demanded under the FIA, BW it seems were sitting on it!

February 2011 The Government announces its intention to transfer British Waterways’ owned navigations in England and Wales to the New Waterways Charity in 2012.

So the public consultation will have no teeth. If every one says NO!  the change will still go ahead. Isn’t democracy wonderful

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