Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wall Street Journal

Granny Buttons writes about Jonathan Raban’s Wall Street Journal article, The Best Way Through England Is Wet. You have to admire the flow of language used in his descriptive writing. It is that which I aspire to achieve in my writing and you will, I hope, be able to judge for yourself in the not too distant future. However I do take point with Jonathan over a couple of things that I think GB might have commented on. When he says “I've glided noiselessly through great post-industrial cities . . . . “ I have to wonder if his boat is nuclear powered and “You travel at its pace (15 to 25 miles per hour, depending on how many locks you go through. . . . )“. Is it any wonder I get pissed off with speeding boaters if they are doing that sort of speed!

Now if only I can get away from the idea that my book is my baby then maybe I could let it go and present to my editor.


Wiggins said...

Pretend said baby has just done one of those all-night screaming marathons, with the vomiting & green poo.
You'll be pleased to give it away.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the phrase "per hour" was added by someone in the WSJ editorial department behind my back. As I said in the second sentence of the piece, the speed of a narrowboat is about 3.5 mph. The 15-25 miles were the likely distance of a long day's journey. --Jonathan Raban

Maffi said...


I don't doubt that is the case, but if you knew my attitude to speeding boats in past posts here you would realise I just couldn't miss the opportunity.

I hope I didn't offend.


Maffi said...

Wiggins the trouble with that is the memory is going and I only remember the good things.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Best of luck with the publishers Maffi. I hope your book is a rousing success.