Saturday, 11 June 2011

Add to not nice neighbours list

I was very surprised to see nb Celendine moored up on a part of the bank that said NO MOORING. Part of my boat is in this area, but then I pay over £2K a year to moor here and BW are refusing to allow me to move elsewhere while awaiting a fix.DSCF0092Like I said I was surprised, however when they started to run their engine at 07.40 I was no longer surprised. They obviously cared little about their boat so why would I expect them to care about their neighbours.

Why is it that people are all smiley and nice one minute then piss you off the next?


Anonymous said...

Q Was there any where else to mooor. ANS NO so up yours

Maffi said...

Well, yes there was, you could have got three 60 footers in between me an Sparrow Gap Bridge and at least one the other way. What you meant to say was 'there was nowhere else to moor with a nice edge'. It was your choice, however the point of my post that has obviously escaped you is that you ran your engine before 8 in the morning. Which makes you as big an ignorant tosser as you probably think I am. What was it you said oh yes, UP YOURS!

Maffi said...

You will find there are only 2 'o's in moor