Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bent pins

To all you people coming on to the Oxford canal. Some of the banks here are very unstable. You can do a lot of damage if you don’t slow down, not to mention pull peoples pins out. It’s not big, it’s not funny and its not clever. Of course if you don’t like slowing down to tick over for moored boats you can stay on the wide canals.31052011430This was from one of three boats I had to rescue on Tuesday. Its not about mooring the boat tight. Boats will stay tied up if passing boaters don’t drag them off the bank. If you don’t understand what effect your speeding boat has you could try the bus.


Anonymous said...

er - surely only if the ground is hard, not 'unstable' will they be in so solidly the pins bend?

Also, that mooring pin could have been bent at any time for any reason, very unlikely to be straightened and very likely to be still used.

As expert evidence, you'd be laughed out of court.

Maffi said...

I really can't be bothered with anonymous comments. Your comment is unbelievably naive. You apparently have no experience of unstable banks.

My pin was bent at Northbrook Lock last week and straightened near enough the same day. You suggestion that a hard bank would have casued this is preposterous. It would have been bent nearer the top.

As witness for the defence dont bother to turn up.