Thursday, 2 June 2011

CCing again.

I read with interest todays blog post from nb Starcross his neighbour is going to give up his mooring to be a ‘CCer’ purely to save on the cost of his mooring. which means he will be hopping up and down the canal so he can go to work

Here at Thrupp there are one or two boats for sale belonging to club members. nb Sir Reginald, nb Cock Robin to name but two. If you buy a boat the mooring comes with it IF you are acceptable to the TCCC.

A couple of weeks ago a chap came by the wharf asking about moorings. He said he was thinking about mooring his boat here. It transpired that the was thinking of buying nb Cock Robin. I said he should apply to join the club then he could stay on the mooring not a problem. He didn’t think the club would take him. Well say I there are no mooring around here. Mooring are as rare as hens teeth and as soon as they appear they are taken. If I move off my mooring, as I plan to do in the not too distant future, I have a half dozen numbers on my phone who will take it and not even think to ask how much.

I will have to get a touring licence then.

I said that the CC ‘licence’ wasn’t for hopping about the same stretch of water it was for cruising around the system.

He said, “I have no other choice!”

Erm run that by me again?

I have since learned of his circumstances and yes he is in a bit of a pickle, but BW is not a housing association!


Anonymous said...

I don't think that you are necessarily right to say that joining the club means he can keep the mooring. I THINK that is something that he would need to talk to the club about... as it isn't as straight forward as that. I don't know... and I am quite sure you probably don't either!

No moorings - it has been a bit quiet on the auctions in our area hasn't it.

Skippy said...

How far would you say some one has to move to claim not to be "hopping about the same stretch of water"?

Maffi said...


It is not for me to tell anyone how far they should move. However the 1995 Act was set up for those boater who were 'doing' the system, normaly retired couples, who did not see the need to have a home mooring that they would never use.

The Mooring Guidance for Continuous Crusers was written with this in mind. Reading the rules is the first step to understanding. Read the rules with a free mind. Don't look for 'grey' areas or ways around it. Don't read it in terms of what you think the legal bods would make of it. BW have a legal responsibility to run the waterways and surely if that is their job they set the rules.

Personaly I dont give a monkey arse about proving it in court, if a boater signs the declaration that they will be a CCer then that's what they should do. CCers are expected to be on a progressive journey around the system. When I have been CCing I moved my boat every, day apart from enforced stoppages, and when I continue to CC at the end of the boating season I will move my boat for as long as it takes to recharge my batteries and with in the time scale allowed.

I dont think one can CC on just one canal let alone one short section of it. You rode up the Oxford last week, almost every month another boat turns up to CC from Thrupp to Oxford. It is getting to a point where it is tick over all the time. Eventually people will stop coming down and there will be no chance of getting BW to dredge the sadly shallowing water. Of course the 'CCers' won't be bothered because then they wont have to move.

All this bollox that the London Boaters are spouting about CCers being socially cleansed and having their comunity broken up is utter tosh. They are simply not CCers they are overstayers who are not paying for moorings. There is a community of CCers, you can read about them in many blogs Sue & Vic and Les and the Slee's Balmaha the list goes on they meet every once in a while travel for a bit then diverge and meet up with someone else. Then a few get together for a BBQ for a day or two then move on. Passing on information to others they meet about who they saw last month. Then taking winter moorings together. Setting off in diferent direction in the spring. That's the CCers comunity, not these people who sit on visitors moorings for months on end making it difficult for others boaters to do what their licence allows them to do.

Offer a London Boater a council house and I would hazard a guess that a large number would put their boat on the market.

Its not how far to move, just go around the system. So some people have a job? The 1995 Act was not set up for them. The canal system is a leisure facility not a housing association.