Friday, 17 June 2011


£2.05 p in the coop no special offers so why is it £3.80p in my local?


The landlord has to make a profit but the Brewery is robbing everyone.


Anonymous said...

I do not intened to get in a slanging match with you over oxfordshire narrowboats, are we not all entitled to an opinion.Sound"s to as you are employed by said firm. But as a hire boat they are poor yours ted stenons

Maffi said...

You will note that I said you could email me. I did that in order to take it away from the public forum so that it did not turn into a ‘slanging match’ (your words). Yes Ted we are all entitled to an opinion, but however I feel you maligned a good company. I would like to find out what problems you had so I can talk to the main man and see what he has to say about it. If you wrote to Mr Dare and he dealt with your complaint that’s an end of it but if you didn’t give him an opportunity to sort the problem then that is disingenuous on your part.

I offered to put your complaint before Dave Dare and that offer still stands.

Yes I do work for OXNB.

Libellous comments on blogs serve no one.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what the co-op pays for the beer and how much the pubs owners pay for it(not landlord)
Brian on Harnser who cant log on with blog name

Ditchcrawler said...

For some reason on some blogs I can only post as "I am on a bus" it just goes in round and round when I try logging in with my Google name
Brian (Ditchcrawler) on NB Harnser

Maffi said...

I have the same problem.

Maffi said...

Brian speaking to Andy Cannon this evening it transpires that he pays 51p more than the co-op sell it for. £25.56 plus VAT per dozen bottles. Were it not called 'beer' he could go to the cash&carry and get it a lot cheaper. As a tied pub he must buy his 'beer' from the brewery at a vastly inflated price. It is not a level playing field.

The Grumpy Porter said...

So Andy Cannon justs adds the odd £1.24 on each bottle not a bad mark up 48.5%, seems to me they are all adding to the vastly inflated price. This is just another example of rip off Britain it is no wonder pubs are closing at the rate they are, the supermarkets are blamed a lot for this because of their lower prices but the brewers and landlords are the ones to blame.I expect he applies the same inflated mark up to the already inflated beef prices as wel, the only answer is stay at home if you are willingly paying for the products nothing will change.

Maffi said...

You might be right but he does have to find over £3K in rent and £1.5k in business tax every month. How do you suggest he does that?

Another figure for you Fosters comes to his cellar at nearly £150 a barrel the nearest managed house pays only £70. So he pays a pound a pint more.

And of course there have been changes to the ullage rules.

The Grumpy Porter said...

£4.5K a month in rent and business rates is of course a lot of money but Andy has only been there only a year or so. When he was putting together his business plan he must have known the amount of monies he was going to pay out for these and I would assume that in putting his plans together he knew what the competition were paying and charging. He had a choice to enter into the tenancy with the brewer or not. He must have decided that he would get enough people through the door paying the inflated prices to make it pay. As I said before it is a choice pay the extra money if you think the facilities and ambiance are worth it or stay at home. Interesting to hear how the costs are accumulated though.

Anonymous said...

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