Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hands across the sea

Often people don't like what I write here. Well I am sorry for that, but it is MY voice. The only trouble with what I write is that people think that is me in my entirety. And nothing could be further from the truth. Most who meet me are surprised. They don't find a grumpy old git slouching about with his own personal storm cloud over his head. I can imagine this can be quite disconcerting if you travel 12,000 miles to see me and I am not what you expect,  maybe it is a nice surprise.

I cannot surmise what Deb thinks. Deb lives in ChristcurchWellington NZ, that's not too far from Lower Hut (home of Derek and Dot). She has travelled to the UK on four occasions for holidays. Both she and her husband love narrowboating. I was very surprised when this lady came up to me in the tearooms and asked,"Are you Maffi? I'm Deb I live in New Zealand"

Deb reads my blog, has done for over a year. They are here in the UK doing the Big Ring GU/Thames/Oxford. We had a bit of a chat.

I am gobsmacked that people, who have come all this way, stop to say hello to me. I find it very warming that anybody actually thinks about me anytime and more especially when they are away on holiday.

Deb it was a pleasure to meet you, I hope I wasn't a disappointment. Let me know if you come over again and we can all meet up and share a few beers.

Week before last a boat flying the Aussie flag passed the mooring and the chap said "Hello Maffi" I didn't know him from Adam but he made the effort to say hello. He went on to say he was a member of the CWDF. What a nice chap.

I have over the years met many people from Aus, NZ, South Africa, America, Holland even one from Brazil and a University Professor from Japan, who read my blog. It is a constant source of joy that these people take away with them an image of me as part of their holiday. I of course am on my very best behaviour.

Thank you everyone!


Wiggins said...

As another someone from overseas (dont worry, I cant drop in on you), I find the exoticism of living on a narrowboat fascinating, & your descriptions of it being day-to-day make it more real, and help with the day dreams. To go to the effort of writing something in a blog, one must be moved in someway to do so; obviously you write about those things that move you strongly. But you do still include pictures of birds & so on, so you see & appreciate them. Stupidity is the same all over, but nice scenery and the canals - different & calming.

nb Amyjo (Steve and Chris) said...

Just want to add your blog adds a smile to my face every time I read your posts too. Yes your comments may upset some people but they are so true and I admire your views.
I love your down to earth attitude and your blog is a pleasure to read. I click the link to your blog with anticipation every time. Hope to meet you one day and buy you a beer for brightening up my life.

Maffi said...

Thank you. One thing you will enjoy when you get afloat is a trip to Thrupp. It can't be more than about six months from the back of beyond to here.

It might make a nice day out from Chester by car this summer.

Jenny and Robin said...

Hi there Maffi
We are readers from "over the sea" too, down here in New Zealand, as well as being friends of the aforementioned Dot and Derek! In fact, we enjoyed our narrowboat trip with them aboard Gypsy Rover over the Llangollen Canal in 2008. We enjoy our travels around NZ in our caravan and like to keep up with canal boat news too.

Maffi said...

Thank you for reading.

Deb from Wellington said...

Hi Maffi. We had to give back our hired narrowboat this morning (sniff) and are now sitting in our hotel room in Paris. Something of a culture shock. It does mean we are back on-line however. I enjoyed meeting you last Sunday and was disappointed when your clients turned up and we had to stop chatting. I hope you noticed that I was VERY careful not to tangle with THAT bridge when leaving Thrupp. I have to say though that having got through the bridge, getting on to the water point was entertaining. I would have liked to stay the night in Thrupp but my friends wanted to spend Monday night in Banbury so we needed to put in a few more miles. We eventually moored on the old quarry wharf above Pigeon's Lock which was lovely. Thank you for such a nice write up (we are from Wellington, not Christchurch). I have to say that it was your own attitude that made me introduce myself. You were so very kind in rescuing me with paper napkins when my sandwich fell to pieces. I was fairly sure it was you because I recognised Molly from photos posted here. She is a very cute dog.
All the best Deb

Maffi said...

Lovely to hear you are home safe! I hope you all had a great holiday.